Anti-Tampering Disclaimer


Federal and state "anti-tampering" laws regulate modifications that affect emissions from motor vehicles, including motorcycles. For example, California's anti-tampering laws prohibit the sale, installation, and on-highway use of any add-on or modified emissions-related part (e.g., fuel injection systems, re-jetting of carburetors, aftermarket catalytic converters) on any pollution-controlled motorcycles unless the part has received an exemption from the California Air Resources Board ("CARB"). Non-exempt products may be legal for use on certain older model motorcycles or racing vehicles which are never used upon a highway. For a list of CARB exempted aftermarket critical emission control parts for highway motorcycles, see (See also CARB's webpage on "Motorcycle Aftermarket Parts" at The law authorizes CARB to pursue legal remedies, including substantial fines and penalties, against those who violate these anti-tampering laws. Modifications that increase emissions from motorcycles can be illegal in certain states in addition to California.

Any "add-on" or "modified" emmisions-related parts contained in this catalog that are subject to anti-tampering laws may or may not have been evaluated and / or exempted by CARB or other applicable enforcement agencies. The manufacturers of aftermarket add-on and modified parts must obtain exemptions from CARB before their products may be legally sold, installed or used upon highways in California. As a distributor, Tucker Rocky makes no representation or warranty with respect to whether the items in this catalog are legal for sale, installation or on-highway use in California or in any other state. Consult with the manufacturer as to any such exemptions before purchasing any add-on or modified emmisions-related parts for use in California or elsewhere.